Home Consultation

You may have heard about us via word of mouth or you are finding us now for the first time. We truly believe that every home is worthy of being its best and love the challenge of creating a solid design plan for any home. If you are looking to transform your space or start fresh with a new build we can help you achieve a magazine worthy interior, tailored just for you. It can be overwhelming to begin the process and having a fresh perspective can also be very helpful. A consultation can also save you money in the long run by planning careful considered design choices without regret.

During your home consult we will walk through your home and give suggestions to make improvements on the spot. You can gather a lot of ideas at this stage. It is useful to take notes and have questions prepared in advance. It is also helpful to have a detailed list ready that outlines the areas you would like to change as well as a list of all the features you really like about your home. This saves time during our time together and get right to work looking at problem areas. Having a general idea of your overall budget can also guide the process.

Request Form

If you are ready to ramp up your home and schedule an in home consultation please fill out the contact form below. You can also purchase a design consultation as a gift for a family member or friend.

Tell us about your project

What do you want to change in your home and what would you like to achieve? What areas are you unhappy with? What type of aesthetic(s) do you like? Tell us about your lifestyle, family and pets. Please list the areas you feel require change or are problematic.

Once the consult is complete you have the option than to move forward and use further services

  • Design concept boards
  • Floor layouts
  • Paint and wallpaper suggestions
  • Lighting, furniture and accessory plans

Fee Structure

  • $150 for one hour plus HST within Thunder Bay city
  • Additional travel time fee may incur outside the city

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