Shopping online at Portobello Home

There are two kinds of online shopping experiences at Portobello Home. Items that we have in house and can get to you immediately or that you can pick up immediately. You can even shop online in our parking lot and then take it home. The other is traditional online shopping, viewing and choosing a custom item that may take some time to arrive.

Shopping our in store items online.

The lockdowns have lasted much longer that we could have ever expected. our showroom is full of great items that no-one can come and see. That doesn’t mean we can’t show them to you, and if you need something today and we have it, it’s here for you.  Delivery to your door, or pick up at our door.   We’ve developed a special online site featuring in store items ready for you.

Click to see products in store and ready for you to take home

Shopping Gus* Modern online with Portobello Home

Gus* Modern has a great online store, we encourage you to use their online portal to shop Gus* online.  We didn’t want to duplicate their great site, but rest assured shopping there is the same as shopping local at Portobello Home. We are notified of your order, it comes to us, we inspect and make sure it is perfect and then get it to you, or keep it for you to pick up.  We really appreciate those of you who said but we want to shop local with you. Using the Gus* site will let you do that.

Click here to go directly to Gus* online shopping.