Mudcloth Throw Blanket – Timbuktu Dunes

Swahili Modern is dedicated to allowing African craft forms to thrive. Artisans can earn a living from the comfort of home by doing creative work, so they have options beyond seeking work in cities. Through export, skills inherited through generations—sometimes with deep-rooted cultural significance—continue to bring meaning, stability, and a sense of pride to entire communities. Swahili Modern believes that by following fair trade principles, they offer their partners across Africa the means to build stronger homes and communities by their own design.
Artisans at Le Ndomo in Mali handcraft this cotton mudcloth throw blanket in a bold semi-circle pattern. The Natural cotton has been carded, spun, woven and dyed by hand and may include variations in colour and texture.
Material: Organic Cotton
Dimesions: 46 x 72″

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